SAFETY Commitment


Our Commitment

We believe safety is the responsibility of every member in our organization. In every task we perform or in any service we render, safety is our first consideration. We are committed to the health and safety of our employees and their families, our customers and those who live in the communities we work in. We promise to conduct our business with respect for our surrounding communities and the environment as a whole. We will continuously educate our employees and customers on the safety standards of E.H. Wolf & Sons, Inc. We will regularly challenge our employees to look for opportunities to improve safety in every area of our operations. At E.H. Wolf & Sons, Inc., safety is priority #1.

Taking Action

  • Our corporate goal is 0 injury incidents.

  • Employees are encouraged to personally “own the responsibility” of making safety their top priority.

  • Our employees watch out for one another’s safety and well-being!

  • E.H. Wolf & Sons, Inc. has a dedicated Safety & Security Coordinator.

  • E.H Wolf & Sons, Inc. has a Safety Committee which reviews all safety-related incidents and establishes company-wide and departmental safety expectations.

  • Upon first hire, employees must successfully complete extensive safety orientation training.

  • Safety Coins are distributed to all new employees during on-boarding; all employees are rewarded for carrying these coins at all times and performing their jobs safely in accordance with company policy and OSHA standards. 

  • Mandatory safety meeting are held quarterly at all company facilities.

  • “Safety Minute” memos are distributed to all staff on a weekly basis.

  • Quarterly safety audits are conducted at each of our facilities to ensure safety and security compliance.