fuel brands


Focusing on the product lines that we know will do the job for you, we carry and we stand behind all of the brands listed above. In addition, we also have availability to unbranded product lines if you should need them.

Some of the benefits of having E.H. Wolf & Sons as your fuel partner include:

  • Supplier Contracts: We have contracts with our suppliers which assures we have access to fuel when it’s needed.

  • Fixed Forward Contracts: Ability to partner with some of our customers to keep their budgets and costs consistent throughout a given period.

  • Transportation: We utilize our subsidiary, M.A. Wolf Trucking, as our transportation fleet partner. Learn more.

  • Premium diesel products: We carry a line of premium diesel products to meet your needs.

  • Premium racing gasoline and other fuels.

  • Additives: We carry the Valvtect product line of additives that has been in the industry for decades and is proven technology.

  • Clean-up time: We carry Oil Eater Cleaner Degreaser and Absorbents.


To learn more about our brands, call (800) 236-9653 or click here.