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We focus on the product lines we know will do the job for you! Couple the technology and innovation, E.H. Wolf & Sons can provide Chevron’s Reliability Based Lubricant (RbL™) surveys to determine if your products are matching your expectations. The RbL™ survey is a powerful combination of industry knowledge, targeted lubrication products, and customized services that can help customers run equipment reliably, shops and work sites efficiently, and businesses profitably.


About Our Top Brands:

EH Wolf and Sons Chevron

Chevron Products

Chevron has been a leader in the lubricant industry dating back to the World Wars when they designed a product for the US Military. Where ever you are in the US, we have the ability to provide our clients with Chevron products with a consistent pricing model, from dedicated Chevron distributors.

EH Wolf is a 1st Source Chevron Lubrication Marketer
EH Wolf and Sons Phillips 66

Phillips 66 Products

Built on more than 130 years of experience, Phillips 66 is a growing energy manufacturing and logistics company with high-performing midstream, chemicals, refining and marketing and specialties businesses. Phillips 66 serves every lubricants market.

Some of the benefits of these two manufacturers include:

  • Only provider in the market with a coolant that will last one million miles

  • Hydraulic oils that are proven to increase equipment efficiency

  • Engine oils that will increase fuel economy

  • Eco-friendly oil based products for sensitive work areas such as waterways and other nature sensitive areas

At E.H. Wolf & Sons, we believe in partnering with manufacturers who bring value to our customers, not with those who are merely price driven. We know Chevron and Phillips 66 can exceed all of your expectations... whatever they may be!

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