fuel services 


We are more than just a fuel provider. We not only have the ability to be your valued partner for your fuel needs, but also for other areas of your business as well. From supplying fuel for a family-owned farm to gas stations, we have the products necessary to fill those tanks. From delivering your fuel to helping you make smart decisions at the right time, we have your back through it all!

E.H. Wolf & Sons, Inc.

Fuel management programs

To assure that you are purchasing your fuel when you should, not when you think you should.

E.H. Wolf & Sons, Inc.

Dispensing equipment

Customized lubricant dispensing systems to provide efficiency and cost accountability.

E.H. Wolf & Sons, Inc.

Annual business reviews

…to discuss your company’s fuel
and lubricant needs.

E.H. Wolf & Sons, Inc.


We are certified to install above ground fuel tanks & Graco dispensers.

E.H. Wolf & Sons, Inc.

Tank monitoring devices

Web enable devices to track consumption & deliveries.

E.H. Wolf & Sons, Inc.

Ancillary products

…such as lubricants, degreasers, absorbents and many other products.

Learn about the fuel brands we supply here. If you have interest in or are in need of any of these services, contact us.